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Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Phantom of the Living Room

15 Broadcasting students from UE Manila went to the Haunted Mansion in Quezon City on August 23, 2014. What I found interesting about this particular ghost tour is that, when we entered the living room, the batteries of our cameras and recorders got nearly drained.

At first, it was so hot in the area and everyone's perspiring; but when our batteries started draining fast, the surrounding turned cold. Minutes later, one of the students cried because of terror.

When asked about what's wrong, she said she saw a big-built man sitting on the sofa. She tried ignoring it at first, looked away and talked to her classmates. However, when she turned again to the sofa, the mysterious figure is still there. That is when she started freaking out saying, "Bakit andun pa rin?" It took about 30 minutes before she regained her composure. We tried our best to keep her calm.

That isn't the first time Mr. Big Guy made his presence known in the living room. When I first set foot on the mansion to shoot for Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho, I saw the very same figure standing near the sofa. I told the GMA7 crew that we have to transfer the motion sensor to that area. And we were not disappointed. It alarmed twice, sensing some kind of movement from an unseen force. We also got an EVP of very strong breathing coming from a man.

Several ghost tour visitors who have been to the haunted mansion gave me the same report of seeing a male phantom in the living room; moreover, one of the dogs would sometimes bark when it's inside that area as if it is seeing something. Then, it would suddenly stop barking and start sniffing "the unseen" like it is something very familiar.

One day, one of the helpers in the house accidentally took a photo of a big guy standing near the sofa. Terrified, he immediately deleted the photo but went to his boss to tell about the incident.

These accounts made the curiosity in me about the phantom of the living room grow all the more. I would want to find out who he is and why he is still there. If he has a message to say, I am hoping that I would be able to capture that clearly on EVP in one of our coming haunted tours.

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